Irwin Tang counsels Austin folks

My name is Irwin Tang.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, also known as a counselor or therapist. You can talk to me about just about anything.

I offer counseling services for individuals and couples.  I also work with adolescents and families.

I am in-network with both Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.  Depending on your insurance policy, you might only be responsible for the co-pay.  Co-pays are usually between $0 and $35.

If you have no insurance benefits, you may pay according to a sliding fee scale, which runs from $60 to $110 per session, depending on income and office location.

Sliding scales for each office location:

For the office at 5815 West William Cannon, Suite 105, 78749 I offer a sliding scale from $60 to $90.

For 3355 Bee Cave Road, Suite 601, 78746, I offer a sliding scale of $70 to $100.

For 13625 Pond Springs Road, Suite 105, 78729, I offer a sliding scale of $75 to $110.

I help people deal with a great variety of issues. Here are just some of the major areas:

Anxieties, worries, fears, panic. Obsession, compulsion, perfectionism. Catastrophizing.

Depression, isolation, inactivity, lack of motivation, self-hatred, grief, pessimism.

Relationship issues: fights, infidelity, break-ups, divorce, domestic violence, communication issues, resentment.

Pornography, fetish, and sex addiction.

Overcoming the Past: sexual/physical abuse, criminal offenses, divorce, abortion, tragedy, regret.

Career, work, academic issues, unemployment, layoffs, hating one’s boss.

Special Populations: LGBT, Chinese-speakers, writers & artists, immigrants & 2nd gen, Asians & Asian Americans, victims of bullying, racism, abuse; nerds & techies.

:  All variety of fears, panic, social anxiety, performance anxiety, test anxiety, sexual anxiety. Feelings of  irrational fear and unassignable anxiety.  Obsession, perfectionism, compulsions. Insecurities of all types.

Depression: no motivation, self-hatred, isolation, break-ups, grief, pessimism.

Porn addiction, sex addiction, fetish addiction, and infidelity. Do you feel that you have unhealthy sexual addictions or disruptive sexual attractions?  I can help you contain or terminate your addictions and heal your relationships. How you and your partner understand and deal with your behavior is extremely important.

Regarding fetishes and paraphilia, I used to work for the local counties, so nothing, absolutely nothing shocks me.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with people who feel they “cannot talk with anyone” about their issues.

Video game, porn, and computer addictions in general.

Relationships: infidelity, faulty communication, resentment, break-ups and divorce.

Couples: all couples; all problems, especially correcting faulty communication and interaction patterns. Infidelity, especially.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition to psychodynamic therapy (processing the past) and Gestalt therapy (resolving “unfinished business”), I specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

This type of therapy focuses on the relationships between cognitive distortions and automatic thoughts; emotions; and behaviors.

Key to this method is the detailed examination and breaking of cycles of thoughts and addictions.

CBT has been scientifically proven to help with addictions, obsessions, compulsions, overeating, and insomnia.

Bipolar Disorder: For those diagnosed with bipolar disorder in recent years, symptoms can be very intense or quite manageable, or anywhere in between. Research shows that cognitive-behavioral methods are likely the best way to mitigate the variety of symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Anger & Impulse Control: curbing rage, crime, and impulses; addressing emotional pain, cognitive distortion.

Sexual anxieties, insecurities, lack of desire, and male concerns.

Pornography: I help clients terminate or diminish their use of pornography.  I am willing to work with people who are struggling to stop the use of illegal forms of pornography, but I will NOT offer therapy for those who create illegal forms of pornography. Those who create illegal forms of pornography will be turned in to the police. The primary aim of therapy for those who use illegal forms of pornography is to completely end use of illegal forms of pornography.

Please call me to set up an appointment at (m) 512.554.5431.

I see clients at three locations.

On Mondays, I see clients at 5815 West William Cannon, Suite 105, Austin, 78749.

On Wednesdays, I am at 3355 Bee Cave Road, Suite 601, Austin, 78746.  This is a great location for people located in Central and South-Central Austin and Westlake.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I help people at 13625 Pond Springs Road, Suite 105. That’s located in 78729 where Pond Springs meets the northbound feeder road of Highway 183 (aka northbound Research Blvd.).  This is just north of Anderson Mill Road.

How to get to 3355 Bee Cave Road: From Mopac, go west on Bee Cave.  Pass Walsh Tarlton (and the Chase Bank on the left).  Watch carefully on your left as the road bends. Drive slowly.  Turn left at the big sign that says 3355.  Suite 601 is near the back, on the right.

How to get to 13625 Pond Springs:

On Highway 183, exit Anderson Mill Road.

Go North on Highway 183 feeder road (Research Blvd.).

The first road on the right is Pond Springs.  Turn Right there, and then Immediately turn left into the parking lot of our building.  Suite 105 is in the corner of the L-shaped building.

For more information about my counseling methods and my education, please click on “About Irwin Tang” above.

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