About Irwin Tang

Irwin Tang was born forty years ago in a small Texas college town.

He holds three Master Degrees: an MA in Asian Studies from UT-Austin; an MFA in fiction and screenwriting from University of Southern California, and an MA in Professional Counseling from Texas State University.

As a counselor, Irwin Tang has facilitated over 1,500 hours of individual, couples, family, adolescent, and group counseling.

He has worked as a counselor at Shoal Creek Counseling (Shoal Creek Blvd.)  and The GATE Healing (Bee Caves Road). He also volunteered at Capital Area Counseling in East Austin.

He worked as a volunteer counselor during grad school at SAHELI for Asian Families, where he helped Asian and Asian American victims of domestic violence.

On the other end of the dialectic, he worked at rehabilitating criminal offenders at Shoal Creek Counseling.

Irwin Tang is well-prepared to work with clients struggling with any and all issues. He utilizes a number of different counseling methods, depending on the nature of the issue, client inclination, and counselor discretion. Here are the methods:

Client-centered—client expresses feelings and thoughts to a therapeutic listener.

Cognitive—client seeks insight and self-awareness.

Cognitive-Behavioral—examining and altering patterns of thought and behavior.

Psychodynamic—examining one’s past and making connections with the present.

Solutions-focused—focusing on solutions and accentuating the positive.

Gestalt— completing “unfinished business” through various psychological exercises.

Feel free to inquire about or request a specific approach.

Irwin Tang is a very practical person and wants to help clients improve their lives in the most direct manner.  He likes to de-mystify the counseling process for his clients and help clients become their own counselors.

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